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Your people are your strength - empower your people and transform your organisation. Learn about PH Factors professional development programmes.

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02.Developing Teams

With PH Factor targeted team facilitation, you can create your dream workplace. Create high performing teams that maximise their productivity.

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Judy MageeProgramme Manager, Foundation School of Learning, Otago Polytechnic

Pleasance doesn’t just impart her knowledge around good management style, rather she takes me from where I am, beginning with my own strengths, and provides a reflective structure where our conversations enable me to come up with my own solutions.

The work we have done together has now reached a place where I am disseminating what I have learned back to the team, to enable and empower them so that we can become highly functional and self-managing.

I have come to see my role in the team as one of leadership not management and my confidence is now such that I feel ready to take my career to the next level.

Margo BartonCo-manager, Design School, Otago Polytechnic

“Pleasance has helped us to see exciting potentials in what sometimes feels like overwhelming problems.

Along with inspiration, coaching and practical tools, she has helped us take time out together to reflect on how we can make the best out of opportunities and turn problems around.

Beyond that, Pleasance has helped us to see how together, working as a team, we can be much more than twice as good!”

Dr Sue BidroseCity Strategy and Development General Manager, Dunedin City Council

Facilitation Style
Pleasance used her unique blend of professionalism and positivity to help the Executive Management Team at the Dunedin City Council tease out the key issues facing our organisation. We then identified a new way forward so we could effectively respond to those issues.

Describing Pleasance
Pleasance is a very energetic, engaging and personable individual, with a wealth of experience and a proven track record of facilitation. Working with Pleasance is always enjoyable!
Pleasance is a friendly and thoughtful consultant with a strong client focus, whom I am happy to recommend to others.

The Workshop Process
Pleasance used her own structured 5D approach and creativity to challenge the team to accept the need for change, and then she helped us design and develop an organisation vision that we now all aspire to deliver as 'one Council family'.

Workshop Outcomes
The outcomes of the workshops with the Dunedin City Council Senior Management Team were the development and adoption of a refreshed organisational vision, mission and value statements.

Team Feedback
Pleasance put our team at its ease immediately and she quickly got to grips with our specific organisational context. Pleasance facilitated the sessions that really consolidated our executive thinking into a common shared strategic direction for the Dunedin City Council over the next 1-3 years.”

Michelle BruntonManager, Community College Dunedin

Working With Pleasance One-on-One
Pleasance provides one on one advice and support around my leadership.
Conversations are relaxed yet challenging. She draws out my thoughts and opinions so I solve my own issues.

Describing Pleasance
Open, friendly, intelligent, able to pick out key elements of discussions, and very focussed.

The Personal Development Process
Pleasance helped me establish a learning journal, identify my successes, and provided me with a task management framework. Our ongoing sessions have helped me be self-reflective, focus on ‘cutting to the chase’ and she encourages me to challenge myself.

Key Achievements so far
I have increased in confidence as a manager and stopped regurgitating and ruminating in an unproductive way. I have found a way to focus on the critical elements of my work to benefit the whole organisation. This has meant greater positivity in the workplace and stronger relationships with my staff.

If someone who is thinking of using Pleasance's services
Go for it! - be ready to look at your own behaviour and activity in a clear focussed way.”

Hamish SaxtonChief Executive Officer, Tourism Dunedin

Why did you engage Pleasance?
Last year, Tourism Dunedin was restructured and three new people joined our team in February 2012. Through working with Pleasance, we were able to further hone our role descriptions in the organisation as well as articulate our collective and individual aspirations for the future.

Describing Pleasance
I think Pleasance is utterly professional and  capable. I consider her to be extremely clever and intuitive. Pleasance has an easy disposition as well as a very inclusive and enthusiastic nature. I also like that she has a touch of whimsy, which kept things light-hearted during our workshop.

Facilitation Style
Pleasance set clear ground rules at the start of the two-day session and carefully managed the different personalities in our team. She is a very skilled  facilitator who was able to co-ordinate our thinking without dictating any outcomes.
She didn’t try to lead or control our group. She  cleverly got us to where we ought to be without anyone feeling pressured or detached from the process.

Through inclusion, discussion and negotiation we worked out how to achieve full team interaction. We managed to cover a huge range of subjects and  developed our strategy for where we want to go.

Pre-Planning and Process
I think the reason we achieved so much was  because of Pleasance’s pre-planning and consultation. She had a number of discussions with me before the workshop and each team member was given homework before the event.
As a group, we achieved a high element of openness within a skilfully managed workshop structure. It was clear that Pleasance had given a great deal of thought to the time we spent together.

Workshop Outcomes
The key goal for the workshop was to develop a well oiled team and we achieved this.
We established how we would work together as a group and gained a greater understanding of each other’s roles - we also reviewed everyone’s job  descriptions collectively. We set goals and established a review process so we can plot our way

Team Cohesion & Productivity
I now have complete confidence in my team and I am very proud of them. The workshop really set up the team so we could go on to attack our budgeting and business planning process. After the workshop with Pleasance, it has been gratifying to see people in the organisation working collectively with a high level of cohesion.

Team Feedback
My team really warmed to Pleasance and gave me some really positive feedback after the two-day workshop. Any scepticism was overcome. They respected the process and it was acknowledged that they got a lot out of the sessions.

Social Aspects
My team got to know and like each other and the social side of the two days was really important. Pleasance was able to take part in this social aspect without taking over and she instinctively knew when to withdraw.”

Jill DavidsonProgramme Manager, Foundation School of Learning, Otago Polytechnic

“Pleasance works empathetically and acutely, seeing the big picture and finding the issues in context, then working on the detail.

This is what turns problems into workable experiences….
and I couldn’t have managed without her!”

Pariya WilliamsProgramme Manager, Foundation School of Learning, Otago Polytechnic

“I always look forward to seeing Pleasance.

Not only because she is such a great listener but also because of her ability to analyse and offer not just solutions, but thoughts about how each problem can be managed, to benefit all parties and our organisation.”

Andrea RushtonRegional Director of Organisers, Service and Food Workers Union Auckland

Working With Pleasance One-on-One
Pleasance has helped me work around the challenge of managing staff. She has given me the tools and training to help resolve issues within our team so we can move forward as a group.
We meet up every couple of months, review what we talked about the last time and assess how the management tool or technique that she gave me to try has worked out. Then we will discuss any issues I am currently facing and how these issues could be resolved.

Describing Pleasance
I would describe Pleasance as fabulous, stunning and absolutely great. I find her approachable, warm without being over affectionate and really open. She comes across as being really honest and is so easy to work with.

Key Achievements so far
I’m very solution focused, and I’ve always got an idea of how I could deal with a particular challenge. What I really like about working with Pleasance is that somehow she understands how I think.
Sometimes my brain can be all over the place; she listens carefully and helps me focus. Then she helps me make a plan to put things in order.
I find her very affirming.  With her help, I have grown in confidence and she has helped me learn to be a manager of people. I’m more confident with my people management processes and addressing issues with staff. With Pleasance’s reassurance, I feel confident that I’m taking the right path when
resolving issues at work.

If someone is thinking of using Pleasance's services...
They should definitely do it.  In fact, I have already recommended her to three other people.”